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How can we contact you ?

What is your mailing address?

What thickness is the backing in your Snap Frames ?

SnapeZo snap frame backing

What is the warranty on your frames?


What's the difference between a clear PVC and Non-Reflective PVC cover?

PVC Covers

Non-Reflective Covers

Is the Visible Area the same as the Poster Size?

Visible Area

What if my purchased items are not in stock?

Out Of Stock Items

How much tax will I be charged?

States Sales Tax Will Be Applied

How secure are my credit card details?

Credit Card Details

Do you have a guarantee?

Our Guarantee

I've received my frames damaged, What do I do?

Damaged Frames

My package appears damaged and UPS is still here, What should I do?

I ordered on Amazon and my frame arrived damaged, what do I do?

How do I make a purchase?

Making A Purchase.

When was first Snap Frame Invented ?

Snap Frame History

Can I paint my Snap Frame?

Painting Your Snapframe

Where do I return my frames? Returns Mailing Address

Do you offer any credit terms?

Credit Terms

Do you ship snap frame worldwide?

Worldwide Snap Frame Shipping

Shipping to Canada

Shipping to Other Countries

What is the duty on Snap Frames?

Snap Frame Duty and Taxes

What is the Harmonization code for Snap Frames ?

Snap Frame Harmonization Code

What will my snap frame come with?

Complete Snap Frames

Do you supply snap frame extrusions ?

Snap Frame Extrusion

How much does it cost to have branding printed on Snap Frames ?

Logos, Slogans and Branding on Snap Frames

Are SnapeZo Backings and Covers Acid Free?

Acid Free Materials

Where will my Frames ship from?

Frames in several key locations


Discounts, "Price-beat" guarantee and Purchase in Advance discounts

Can I arrange to collect my SnapeZo frames?

Arranging to have your courier pick up your SnapeZo Frames

What material is a Snap Frame manufactured from?

100 % High Grade Aluminium

Can I expedite the manufacturing process of my custom frame?

Custom Frame Time Line


Can I Ship With My Own Account

Custom Frame Profile Size Guide.

What is the longest length we can manufacture frames in 1-inch profile?

Profile Sizing Guide

What is a Window Snap Frame?

How does a window snap frame work?

What is a Double Snap Frame?

How does a double sided frame work?

How do I install my snap frame?

How to install a snap frame .

What is a Locking Snap Frame?

Do you ship export orders ?

Shipping Export Orders

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