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How can we contact you?

You can call us on 1 888-530-7788  or email us at

 What is your mailing address?

Port A Distributing LLC
2028 E Ben White Boulevard #240-3570
Austin, TX 78741

What thickness is the backing in your Snap Frames?

We offer a 5-year warranty on the Snap Frame Springs. All other frame components are Commercial Grade Aluminum which never breaks or corrodes and UV protected Styrene backing which is also indestructible in normal use.

 PVC Covers

The non-reflective PVC cover is designed to reduce the glare of light so that your poster can convey its message and be viewed from any angle in bright settings such as Retail Environments. 99.5% of our customers appreciate this great feature as they know their message or promotion will be seen by their target audience at any angle, as they walk along a mall, past a store, etc. Very occasionally, customers are using the frames in an environment where there is no glare or such issues. On these occasions, they may prefer a crystal clear (but glossy) finish cover. We can supply these clear covers at a supplementary charge.