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White locking snap frame poster size 20X30 - 1.25 inch profile - Snap Frames Direct
White locking snap frame poster size 20X30 - 1.25 inch profile - Snap Frames Direct
White locking snap frame poster size 20X30 - 1.25 inch profile - Snap Frames Direct
White locking snap frame poster size 20X30 - 1.25 inch profile - Snap Frames Direct
White locking snap frame poster size 20X30 - 1.25 inch profile - Snap Frames Direct
White locking snap frame poster size 20X30 - 1.25 inch profile - Snap Frames Direct
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20x30 White SnapeZo® Locking - 1.25" Profile

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  • GRAPHIC SIZE: 20" x 30"
  • VISIBLE AREA (IN): 19.2 x 29.2
    EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS (IN): 21.77 x 31.77 x 0.75

Secure and protect your posters and displays with SnapeZo® locking frames! The same LOCKABLE POSTER FRAME as specified by movie theaters and retail stores worldwide. Also used in restaurants, community centers, schools, galleries or at home to showcase poster or artwork. This SOLID ALUMINUM SnapeZo® frame is made to the highest industry standards, the best quality available at great value. It features a super white translucent styrene backing that offers some water resistance and gives the graphics 'pop'. Strong, yet lightweight and easy to use. The front snaps open on spring hinges to change posters, no tools and removal from wall required. Two PET covers included: one flexible PET lens that offers non-glare and UV protection, and one that offers glossy and UV protection. Comes with key and all the necessary hardware & concealed mounting holes. This frame can be hung both vertically and horizontally. This is the industry standard, we supply the world's leading brands like Amazon, Disney, NASA, Walgreens, ABC, etc. Buy with confidence from industry's best: SnapeZo®.

  • Does Snap Frames have mounting holes in the back?

    Yes, all SnapeZo frames have pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware. You can also drill new holes wherever you may need them in the aluminum strip at rear of frame

  • Can the Snap Frames be attached to a sign stake?

    These frames are designed to be screwed to the wall and have pre-drilled holes in the back of the frame.  The backing of the frame is styrene.  We have had customers create a system to display these frames out-of-doors on a stake and they are thrilled with the results.

  • I want to be able to view both sides of my graphic. What snap frames should I order?

    We have a few options available: Window SnapeZo frames have one cover, the back cover is the glass of the window that the frame fixes to. Designed for a restaurant to show a menu to guest both inside the restaurant and outside looking in through a window. We offer a Double-Sided frame, to show a poster put on both sides of the frame. You could also purchase a snap frame from us and then replace the translucent backing with clear perspex you purchase locally but the back of the frame is not finished so would be raw metal.

  • Is the backing of snap frames white or gray?

    Our SnapeZo® branded frames have white-bright styrene backing. Our TRADEFrames have gray styrene backing.

  • Is the backing strong enough that can used to stand alone on an easel?

    The frames are designed for wall installation and so the back offers no structural support, it would be better to purchase the 1.44 or 2.2-inch profile as this width of frame offers much more support. The 1.25 inch would actually look great and if the easel offers reasonable support would sit flat but when you are handling the frame it may appear flexible as its simply not designed for this use. We also offer frames to hold 1/4 inch thick material, this would enable you to have your poster mounted on thick board prior to framing. Many of our customers make wooden box structures to hold LEDs and then simply attach the 1.25-inch frames to these boxes, taking advantage of the translucent white backing to make backlit LED boxes real cheap, this may be something that could work for you also.

  • What thickness of artwork will a frame hold?

    These frames are designed to hold artwork up to 1/10 of an inch thick. We do offer frames which accommodate artwork of 1/4-inch:

  • Are snap frames suitable for outdoors use?

    All of our frames are suitable for outdoor use. However, we do recommend you laminate your posters when displaying out of doors. We do offer weather-resistant frames:

  • Do you offer Light Boxes?

    We do not sell Light Boxes. We do offer snap frames which you can use to make your own SnapeZo® movie poster light box with your own preferred LEDs

  • What is a profile? What's the difference between 1-inch profile and 1.25-inch profile?

    The profile refers to the border that surrounds your graphic. This is referencing the width of the portion of the frame. If you view the thumbnails on the website, you will see to the right a diagram of a cross-section of the frame profile.

  • What is the visible area of snap frames?

    A picture frame size anywhere in the world describes the poster size that will fit in it. For SnapeZo it is also the size of the UV protecting cover. Example: A 24x24 SnapeZo frame will hold a 24x24 Poster and also a 24x24 UV protecting cover. All poster frames in the world hide a small part of a poster or certificate, a small border is hidden all around by the frame profile. This is why most posters and certificates do not show information in these extreme edges, may even have an unprinted white border. So in the case of any 24x24 frame in the world - the visible area may typically be from 23 x 23 to 23.5x23.5

  • What other alternative installation options do you have?

    These frames are designed to be screwed to the walls. We have a great video showing alternative hanging options using command strips: or hanging with a wire:

  • Are Snap Frames poster size or frame size?

    The size of a picture frame worldwide is described as the size of glass which will fit in it.  The photograph or poster which fits in it will also be the same size.  Some of the PVC protective film and therefore poster or photograph is hidden by the rebate of the snapframe which is there to stop the PVC falling out the front.  This varies from frame to frame and is typically less than 1/4 inch.

  • What material are snap frames made of?

    All of our Snap Frames are manufacture from 100% high quality high-grade Aluminum.

  • Can I order a large quantity and have it shipped to multiple locations?

    Yes, we certainly can and do most days for major US corporations. We can arrange distribution directly from arrival port to anywhere in the USA and can pre-pack in specific quantities. Example 6 units to location 1, 11 units to location 2, etc. This is at minimal cost but is a considerable cost and time-saving method for our regular clients. Please contact us for further information at: E-Mail: Phone number: 1 888-780-7627

  • Can you please tell me the lead time on this frame

    We currently do have stock of these frames.  Please place your order when you are ready. Thank you.

  • Can Snap Frames be hung with wire?

    We don't recommend wire, as you will lose the functionality of a SnapeZo frame.If you do wish to hang on a hook, you can use one of the slide-on hanger provided - with no wire. However, if this is your preferred method, its is certainly possible - watch this video here: Many of our customers are preferring Also be aware that there are single holes mid centre which will allow you to hang on a single nail in the wall and also that you can drill anywhere you prefer in the aluminium and fit your own preferred hanging hardware.

  • Can dry erase markers be used with the PVC cover?

    You can use dry erase makers but is not recommended because it will stain over time.

  • Could standard snap frames hold foam core?

    Our regular snap frames can accommodate posters up to 1/10" thick. We do offer specially made snap frames for foam core posters, however not currently in this size.  We do offer custom made snap frames up to thicknesses of 0.39" thick. We would be happy to assist further, please contact us at

  • My poster will be displayed in a interior home theater. Do I need to use the non-reflective cover, clear-glossy cover or both?

    The PVC covers are very different and provide very different options. The clear cover is used mostly in situations where there is not much lighting that affects the visibility of the graphic. The Non-reflective cover provides added visibility when the frame is used in an area that has more lighting such as fluorescent lighting. These are not normally used together.This is also a personal preference for the frame owner. Give both a try and see what works best in your situation.

  • Are Snap Frames fire retardant?

    Currently we do not offer fire-retardant frames but we may be able to special order these for you.  Please contact us at for further information.  Thank you.

  • Are the covers material plastic or glass?

    We do not provide glass with the snap frames. The PVC Covers are plastic films.

  • I'm looking to frame a large size map. The size I required is not listed on the website.

    We do offer custom frames to any size you do require but because of shipping damage of small orders our minimum order for frame over 36 inch long is 5 pcs. Please complete the form and our framing specialists will be in touch shortly.

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Tina H
Great frames Great price!

These are great frames at a great price. Customer service was excellent. The frames I ordered were out of stock after I ordered. They called to let me know and gave me a similar item in its place.